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Street children

Street children

Their homes are made of paper or old flooring and shaped by poverty, violence and criminality. It is estimated that worldwide, there are more than 30 million children who live on the streets. In order to feed themselves, they sell sweets and cigarettes, clean shoes, wash cards, deliver papers, guard car parks, collect anything of any value from mountains of rubbish, beg or steal. Others labour in factories, in people’s homes or in industrial sites, often under extremely exploitative conditions. Poverty is often the cause.In Indonesia there are approximately one million children living on the streets; no-one knows the exact number.We want to give these boys and girls back their childhood, return to them their perspective on life and grant them the chance to obtain it. Therefore we support prevention projects. In this regard schools and education play a central role, as do welfare and integration.

Please, help us to give these children a home!