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Health - Our highest possession

In 2006 the number of children who died before their fifth birthday dipped below 10 million for the first time. Thus, every day 26,000 children under five years old across the whole world die. These are shocking figures, even more so considering that these children often fall victim to illnesses which can be treated or avoided. This includes diarrhoea, complications during childbirth, respiratory problems, measles, dengue fever, polio and tuberculosis. Dirty drinking water, malnutrition and hunger worsen this problem. One step forward has been safe childbirth thanks to further training provided to midwives. In this regard we have already been working for some time with a school of midwifery. Hygiene measures, care for young babies and mother-baby-nutrition have been taught.Even since our first visit to Indonesia, we have been working closely with the hospital in Banyumas and have helped with supplies, like dressings, disposable gloves, walking aids, bandages, splints, glasses and blood sugar measures. The worst levels of nutrition and contaminated water lead to dental problems. We therefore help with campaign days in schools and nurseries. We lobby for preventative medical examinations for all children, and also for health measures, such as hygiene, toothpaste campaigns and acquiring mosquito nets. Knowledge in first aid is taught in the schools.We have a contract with the hospital and the children can get a health check-up. This check-up cost eight Euro in the year. Not much money for the most important thing in our life - our health.

Please, help us to ensure that every newborn baby is provided with basic medical care and vaccinations!